Valuable direct mail tips for your next project

Businesses today still have great success with direct mail projects.

Direct mail marketing is a commitment that will pay off over time, and it works best to think long term before doing your first campaign. The most successful direct mail agencies are always testing.  They test which headline, artwork and promotional offer pulls the best results from specific targeted lists. They try a variety of formats from postcards to letters to brochures, and with a little pre-planning they easily track the success of every campaign. Tracking results can be based on calls to a tracking phone number, returned postcards, or specific views of a webpage via a 2D barcode or specific URL in the mailer.

If you are not seeing results by simply bombarding recipients with un-solicited email — Mix it up! Get back to the basics – try a direct mail project. Try unique packaging, a more professional design, or change your offer or call to action – but don’t stop reaching out to your past, current and potential new customers.

At the Mailing Experts Inc., we have seen many projects and can confirm that creative mailing pieces and invitation ideas are endless – it just takes some pre-planning. The video below from the fold factory, shows a great example of a creative self-mailer.

The Mailing Experts can help with your next creative mail project – contact us today for a quote.

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