Did you know opening your mail could improve your mood?

It is true.

The USPS says the physical act of holding an envelope in your hands and tearing it open creates an emotional reaction and a sense of anticipation.

The UK Royal Mail has determined that our mood will improve by up to 29% if exposed to a positive feeling like flipping over a postcard you received in the mail to see who it is from.

So the question is — will you be sending holiday cards this year?

According to the Greeting Card Association (GCA) the amount of traditional printed cards delivered in 2009 totaled seven billion. Giving greeting cards creates a lasting impression and emotional bond between sender and receiver.

Even the arrival of “junk mail” is greeted with enthusiasm.  The USPS says people spend an average of 25 minutes with direct mail pieces such as flyers, coupons, promotions etc.

Do your clients a favor this season and send them a trill – and communicate on paper this holiday season.

Read this full article here: Opening a nice envelope is surprisingly exciting: http://www.paperbecause.com/knowledge-center/opening-a-nice-envelope-is-surprisingly-exciting-

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