Direct mail is a viable lead-generation approach that can also be a cost-effective way to reach past, current and potential new customers.

Whatever type of content you wish to convey to your direct mail recipient – it is important your content be of high value, and appropriate for the targeted audience. Remember the goal of the direct mail piece is to inform and pique the recipients interest so they contact you. Encourage responses by including a “call to action” plus print your phone number in a prominent position so it is easy to locate.

Should I review my mail piece design with The Mailing Experts before I print it?

Yes, yes, yes! Please allow us to review your direct mail piece design before you print it. We will review the mail piece from a postal acceptance standpoint and let you know if it qualifies for maximum postage discounts. The Mailing Experts will also review the mail piece to ensure that it can be processed by us economically to avoid incurring additional fees for things like addressing, folding, inserting, etc. Get a quick quote now.

Remember a perception of your business is created once the direct mail piece is received in the mail. To achieve campaign success, it is important to present yourself as a professional business with every mailer. Proofreading is without a doubt one of the most important elements of your entire campaign, and we are happy to help.

What is The Mailing Experts minimum job size?

There is no minimum job size requirement at The Mailing Experts, but our minimum service fee for mailing services is $125 and does not include postage costs or printing costs. Our mailing service processes client jobs of any size or quantity. We can handle almost every job size quickly, efficiently, and economically. We can handle many types of mailing services including direct mail projects and the new Every Door Direct Mail® from the U.S. Postal Service® projects.

What is the turnaround time to get my job completed and mailed?

The turnaround time for mailing jobs is generally 2-3 business days after the client has approved samples and authorized the mailing for standard mailings.

How can I save money on my next mailing?

Using an indicia is generally the least expensive way to affix postage to your mail piece. Using a pre-printed postal indicia is generally used on self-mailers, such as postcards, newsletters, and catalogs.

Bulk Mail: There is a minimum quantity of 200 pieces of like size and weight in order to mail at bulk rates.  Bulk mail is generally delivered by the USPS in 2-5 days locally and 1–3 weeks nationally, but in exchange for the slower delivery, Bulk Mail is less expensive than First Class mail. Bulk mail is not automatically forwarded or returned to the sender if it is undeliverable (though you can pay extra to USPS to receive these services). Bulk mail can’t be used to mail invoices, statements, or some other kinds of personal mail. Bulk mail rates are also based on the size and weight of the mail piece.

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Why is using a good mailing list so important for my direct mail?

Using an accurate, targeted, and up-to-date mailing list is the single most important factor in determining the success of your mailing. You should use a list that your offer or appeal is relevant to. In addition, you should update your mailing list at least once a year to check the list for people who have moved. The Mailing Experts has the tools necessary to help you update your list and keep it accurate. If you are simply looking to target  a specific zip code or community – the new Every Door Direct Mail® from the post office is very helpful but not personalized.

What format should I supply my mailing list to The Mailing Experts?

We accept mailing lists on CD/DVD or via google drive or any other VPN. We prefer lists that are formatted as Excel, Access, or Delimited formats. We can also accept a variety of other formats-check with your Mailing Experts account representative if you have questions about the format of your list. We also accept hard copy lists. We are happy to discuss your project and help you reach your goal. Get a free consultation from the Mailing Experts now.

A successful direct mail campaign starts off with a targeted list.  If you have a list of past clients you should kick off your first direct mail campaign and target them. This valuable list should absolutely be contacted a few times a year, complementing your email campaigns. If you are not keeping in touch with your past clients you are loosing valuable leads and referrals.

Can The Mailing Experts supply a mailing list for our use?

Yes, The Mailing Experts can supply you with targeted mailing lists. Even super-targeted lists including residential addresses or business addresses, with a variety of demographic selections. For specialty mailings for Mortgage companies or Realtors you can even choose by credit-scored data or select groups such as borrowers with ARM, VA or FHA loans etc.


Postage rates are setup in a tiered structure. What does that mean?

Discounted and presorted postage rates are determined in large part by the density of the mailing. For example, if you are sending 10,000 mail pieces that are destined to a specific county, you will pay a lower postage rate than if you were mailing the same 10,000 pieces all over the U.S. Contact The Mailing Experts Today and we will give you an estimate of postage for your project.  Every day we are helping our clients navigate the complexities of the U.S. postal system.

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