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Rely on The Mailing Experts for all your Holiday 2021 mailing needs.

collage of holiday cards

The benefit of a Holiday Card or Calendar sent through traditional postal mail is its longevity and personal impact.

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Accuracy Matters In Direct Mail

Today many companies use direct mail along with other types of media to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Don’t fool yourself, in today’s economy, businesses of all sizes are using direct mail to encourage website purchases, or lead to

Even when the Post Office fails . . . The Mailing Experts Deliver!

letter from USPS apology

Good relations with the Post Office is essential. Follow-up and persistence pays off.  The Mailing Experts Inc., helping clients navigate their way through the complexities of the U.S. Postal Service.

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Follow-Up And Persistence Pays Off

Experts in direct mail

The Mailing Experts Inc., helping clients navigate their way through the complexities of the U.S. Postal Service.

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Did you know opening your mail could improve your mood?

It is true. The USPS says the physical act of holding an envelope in your hands and tearing it open creates an emotional reaction and a sense of anticipation. The UK Royal Mail has determined that our mood will improve

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Valuable direct mail tips for your next project

Businesses today still have great success with direct mail projects. Direct mail marketing is a commitment that will pay off over time, and it works best to think long term before doing your first campaign. The most successful direct mail

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Mailing Holiday Cards Makes Sense

christmas card

Email has become the preferred marketing channel currently used by business. This may be simply because it is the cheapest and most convenient way to reach a target audience. But what about during the Holiday Season?  Does an e-card have

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Does print marketing still have any value?

At The Mailing Experts – we can tell you direct mail marketing is still alive and breathing after all these years. If done correctly, the personal and tangible approach of a direct mail campaign will deliver results. This is why

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U.S. Postal Regulations Change The Way You Process Folded Self-Mailers

First of all the definition of a self-mailer is a folded piece that is letter-sized, isn’t mailed in an envelope and doesn’t have a binding. Note: If it has staples in the fold, it is a defined as a booklet,